HTC as a company, is engaged in environmental technologies through its HTC Group of Advanced Environmental Technology Companies, namely:

Industrial and Energy Services

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ASSIST Energy Solutions Corp.

ASSIST Energy Solutions Corp. “(ASSIST)”, and owners have engineered and manufactured a portable process facility for use in EOR and will conduct a Field Trial on a heavy oil well as the next step towards commercialization. ASSIST’S product consists of a direct contact steam generator and methods for operating non-thermal oil wells in high temperature service.

The EOR Process includes production and injection of steam and gases into an oil reservoir during an injection cycle followed by a production cycle. The process has been named the Submerged Combustion Vaporizer or “SCV”. ASSIST’s plan is to offer contract reservoir stimulation services to the oil industry on a fee-for- service basis. Studies suggest that the SCV EOR Process is expected to recover increased oil from existing wells for approx. $15 - $20/barrel.

Clean Energy Technologies

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HTC CO2 Systems Corp. (“HTC CO2 Systems”) has developed an improved proprietary CO2 capture system that has been designed to significantly reduce the cost of CO2 capture. Brand named the HTC Low-Cost Design or LCDesign™, this system has been engineered to reduce capital and operating costs while at the same time delivering superior performance by reducing energy usage, lowering emissions, and improving the quality of CO2 product captured.


During the past year, HTC completed the WTO patenting and commercialization of the Delta Purification System™, and now has a commercial unit installed at the Husky Lashburn CO2 Capture plant.
A Delta Purification System TM reclaimer unit is like a kidney in the human body, in that it removes the impurities that build up in the liquid solvents and glycols used in most CO2 capture systems, allowing cleaned up solvents and glycols to be reused instead of having to buy more solvents and disposing of the used solvents and glycols underground.


Clear Glycol & Solvents Inc. (“ClearGSI”) is the newest addition to the HTC Clean Energy group of subsidiaries. On October 31, 2015 and December 31, 2015 respectively, HTC’s majority controlled subsidiary ClearGSI signed share sale agreements, whereby it acquired all the shares of 1235014 Alberta Ltd. o/a Valhalla Filtration 2016 (“Valhalla Filtration 2006”) and Clear Glycol Inc. (“Clear”). As of December 31, 2016, the Corporation has sold the principals of the company 50% of the voting shares, resulting in HTC now controlling 50% of the share of the company.