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  • Delta Purification

    Delta Purification is an Original Equipment Manufacture “(OEM)” company who offers the best technology available for purifying gas and liquid streams in the field of oil, gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Delta Purification offers 4 commercial products in the following fields:

    1. Reclaiming solvents, such as single, mixed, and formulated alkanolamine, used in natural gas processing, biogas processing, and post-combustion CO2 capturing processes.

    2. Reclaiming glycols, such as Mono-ethylene glycol and Tri-ethylene glycol, used for natural gas dehydration processes.

    3. Purifying biogas streams from contaminants in order to meet gas pipeline specification.

    4. Capturing carbon dioxide from flue gas using formulated solvents.

    A modular design approach was developed for all Delta products in order to reduce capital and operating expenditures, CAPEX and OPEX, of the plants. For medium size plants, multiple process skids, such as utility process skid and process unit skid, are combined to create the complete plant.


    Delta Purification commercial products are designed to meet the cleanup targets of gas and liquid energy streams in many industrial applications in the field of oil, gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

    The pre-engineered standard sized commercial models are:

    1. Delta Solvent Reclaiming System

    2. Delta Glycol Reclaiming System

    3. Delta Biogas Purification System

    4. Delta Flue Gas Purification System

    These modular systems are a cost-effective means to meet production and cleanup targets at reduced utility consumption, emissions to atmosphere, and waste for disposal. The main advantages of Delta Purification Systems’ in comparison to existing technologies and processes are:

    • Compact modular design

    • Lowest capital expenditure, CAPEX

    • Lowest operating expenditure, OPEX

    • Reduced waste for disposal

    • Reduced utility consumption

    • Reduced installation and maintenance costs

  • The benefits of this modular design approach are:
    1. The process units are fabricated and tested in a controlled environment prior to shipment.

    2. Cost effective to transport to the site.

    3. Small footprint, flexible equipment arrangement, and accessible layout.

    4. Factory Acceptance Testing, FAT, is conducted at our fabrication facility with the presence of the client.

    5. Delta Purification’s objective is to provide cost-effective industrial solutions to meet the cleanup targets, and increase the customers’ profitability at minimum emissions to atmosphere and minimum effluents/waste for disposal



Clear Glycol & Solvents Inc. (“ClearGSI”) is the newest addition to the HTC Clean Energy group of subsidiaries. On October 31, 2015 and December 31, 2015 respectively, HTC’s majority controlled subsidiary ClearGSI signed share sale agreements, whereby it acquired all the shares of 1235014 Alberta Ltd. o/a Valhalla Filtration 2016 (“Valhalla Filtration 2006”) and Clear Glycol Inc. (“Clear”). As of December 31, 2016, the Corporation has sold the principals of the company 50% of the voting shares, resulting in HTC now controlling 50% of the share of the company.

ClearGSI is in the business of collection, reprocessing and selling of reclaimed glycols and solvents. Glycol and solvent recycling have been shown to substantially reduce operating costs in the gas processing, oil production and mining industries, and can be utilized in a wide variety of other applications that use glycol and solvents. Previously, these fluids were disposed of by injecting the contaminated fluid down-hole. ClearGSI has developed a 9-step process to take the contaminated fluid and regenerate it back into a usable like-new product, eliminating the waste disposal fee to the customer, as well as not having to purchase new glycol. The added benefit of this process is that it prevents millions of gallons of waste glycols and solvents from being disposed underground that could potentially harm our water aquifers. In addition, ClearGSI will be using the Delta Reclaimer Technology™ as the primary method to reprocess glycols and to expand its operations into reprocessing solvents.


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Energizing CO2 Through Capture and Utilization


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Automation and Innovation in Oil Field Equipment

Maxx Energyprovides a diverse line of high technology oil and gas products such as the Guardian Pipe Handling Systems, Maxx Advanced Mud Control Systems, specialized drilling mud mixing and handling systems and customized frack water tankage and pond systems. These newly developed products generate higher sale volumes and are differentiated from other standard oil field products because of their automation and advanced technologies utilized in their design

The Guardian Pipe Handling System™has been designed for handling pipe in oil field drilling as well as for other kinds of drillings such as potash production and other forms of mining.

Maxx has further diversified its operations during the past year into some of the world’s largest solution potash mines located in Saskatchewan. These mines require automated pipe handling systems, advanced mud control systems and other customized drilling equipment.This new market opportunity could result in significant new business for the company in the coming years.

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Maxx Solids Management Systems

(Drilling equipment and services for the oil and gas industry)
  • Hydraulic Centrifuges and repairs
  • Hydraulic Centrifuge stands
  • Hydraulic Combo Centrifuge Floc Tanks
  • Liquid Intake /Fluid Managment Tanks


( Fracking Equipment & Systems)
  • Water Sourcing, Filtration
  • Frac Water Tanks
  • CO2 Fracking Equipment

Maxx Equipment:

(Oilfeld equipment)
  • Floc/Sump Tanks
  • Shale Bins/Tanks
  • Flare, Cone & Mud Tanks
  • Custom Painting & Insulated to Specs

Guardian Pipe Handling System

  • Automated Pipe Handlers
  • Hydraulic Catwalks
  • Service Rig Packages
  • Power Carriers
  • Masts/Derricks
  • Rig Substructures
  • Service Rig Floors
  • Doghouses